CSD 42 |


The primary resources for this course are shared below.


All the ongoing/completed assignments are present here. Note that:

  • Only tutorial session should be used for the discussion
  • Before discussing with TAs (what to do in the project), understand your problem statement and data well.
  • Do not ask TAs to validate your approach.
See Syllabus for more information and detailed breakup for the vourse evaluation.


  • Tutorial 1: Tokenization and Segmentation

    By: Yash Bhartia Date: 13-09-21

  • Tutorial 1: Normalization

    By: Vishwa Shah Date: 13-09-21

  • Tutorial 2: Language Modelling

    By: Somesh Singh Date: 8-11-21

    [Notebook] [Slides]
  • Tutorial 3: Dependency Parsing

    By: Yash Bhartia Date: 10-11-21

    [Slides] [Notebook]
  • Tutorial 4: Topic Modeling

    By: Vishwa Shah Date: 22-11-21

  • Tutorial 5: Contextual Embeddings

    By: Vishwa Shah Date: 01-12-21